Complete furniture

  • Wall-mounted bottle holders
  • Tasting area
  • Cash point
  • Showcases and themed tables
  • Equipment for the kitchen
  • Advertising material

The location

  • minimum shop of 60 square meters (100 or more recommended)
  • city ​​with a minimum basin of 30,000 inhabitants
  • at least 1 showcase on the road
  • positioning in a street of high pedestrian crossing or car flow

Strengths of our franchising formula are:

  • Training and pre and post opening training for our affiliates
  • Quick return of the investment made
  • Investment required for turnkey solution
  • Quality of raw materials
  • Exclusive area
  • Market studies
  • Genuine and local products
  • Always looking for niche products worked by small artisans
  • Communication campaigns
  • no previous experience in the catering world is required
  • unique and typical menu

“Risto and Bottega Disizos Sardos®”

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