il primo franchising con prodotti e cucina esclusivamente sarda

Our history

The company Disizos Sardos® was born in 2008 in the sector Food, the first to produce and market Carasau bread with no yeast with kamut flour Or spelled. With this product it made its name Begins to enter the food world. After several Research and selection of typical Sardinian agricultural products opens The sale at Saint Theodore and at the same time it was turning All over Italy in industry events.

In 2016 opens Risto and Bottega Disizos Sardos® a San Teodoro because all customers always asked Where it was possible to eat typical products and so it is Born Risto franchise project and disizos workshop disizos Sardos® to make the dishes and typical Sardinian products Farms can be sold everywhere. Disizos Sardos® 

Workshop is a franchise Risto and Bottega Disizos Sardos are born from the entrepreneurial idea Of a Sardinian boy who wanted to create a simple idea but one in a kind: A place where you can eat Sardinian cuisine and the same Time to buy typical products in a unique and original environment Risto e disizos franchising The meaning of Disizos Sardos is dream Sardinian !!!

  • The strengths of our franchise formula are:     
  • Support and pre and post opening training for our affiliates   
  • Quick return on investment made     
  • Investment required for turnkey solution     
  • Quality of raw materials     
  • Exclusive area     
  • Market Studies     
  • Genuine and homemade products    
  • Always looking for niche products crafted by small craftsmen   
  • Communication campaigns     
  • Equipment and Store Equipment     
  • No previous experience is required in the catering industry     
  • Unique and typical menu

“Risto and shop Disizos Sardos®” where culinary dream become reality “”

The only sector of catering and food that never crises!

Make the right investment !!!